Patient Basic Data

Patient administration program module

The patient administration module manages the master data about the patient. It is divided into the sections ‘administration’, ‘medical data’ and ‘status’.

The section ‘administration’ contains administrative information about the patient such as name, address, phone number and also internal program identifiers.

The section ‘medical data’ contains general medical information about the patient such as blood group, height, infection status or base information concerning registration for transplantation.

Information about the status of a patient in the sense of quality assurance is centralized in the section ‘status’.

If these items of information are insufficient, additional user-defined fields can be added. This enables specific customized solutions to be created, such as matching the information to quality documentation.

Various patient search functions allow data to be filtered in a simple way.

Connection to the German Practice Management Software ixx.concept allows patient master data to be taken over ixx.concept.

An optional connection to the Hospital Information System (HIS) is possible via an HL7 interface. The master data can then be taken over from HIS and this creates the simple possibility of a  ‘clinical case’ administration.


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