Our new innovative precision measuring instrument for early diagnosis of PAOD and arteriosclerosis!

The Ankle-Brachial Index, (ABI), is considered to be an extremely reliable indicator for symptomatic and asymptomatic peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAD) and because it has an angiogram sensitivity of approx.  95% and specificity of almost 100% is excellently suitable as parameter for preventive PAD checkups.

If VascAssist is used to determine the ABI automatically using oscillometric arm and ankle measurements, (see picture), then the procedure is significantly simpler than the conventional Doppler method, which needs to be performed by an experienced practitioner.

A complete measurement, which to date  occupies  the medical practitioner for about 15 minutes, can be performed by assistant staff using VascAssist in an average of 3 minutes.


Measurement is performed with four simultaneously applied blood pressure cuffs.  Using our Semi-Synchronous Technology (patent applied for) and a special oscillometric method optimized for ankle measurement, screenings  become possible with very low investment costs.

In addition to the ABI, the pulse wave velocity can automatically be oscillometrically determined with VascAssist  at the reference points upper arm and ankle (brachial ankle Pulse Wave Velocity, baPWV). This is performed very easily in comparison to conventional procedures. In this way the user is provided with an additional significant parameter for the evaluation of arteriosclerotic variance.

As stand-alone equipment VascAssist requires little space. With additional software further analyses are possible, such as

  • detailed graphical display of pulse waves
  • recording of the trends of ABI, blood pressure and pulse wave velocity
  • display of these trends on a time scale
  • estimation of the cardiovascular risk score (PROCAM, Framingham etc.)
The software can also be connected to existing clinical data processing systems


For further information please see our VascAssist brochure in PDF format or visit the VascAssist Website


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Early diagnosis of PAD and arterio­sclerosis

3 minutes PAD screening can prolong life!

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